Social Media Marketing

Engage your customers!

  It's time to start listening...your customer’s are talking and you should stop and listen to what they want, need and think. The goal behind social media marketing is to give your company presence and put it in a position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening and finding innovative ways to engage your clients. MTK can help you start a meaningful dialogue with them and find a way to talk about relevant issues making a long term investment for free.

The future of your business is your clients

Social media marketing is an investment! It is not a one-time campaign to get large numbers of "fans," "friends" or "subscribers." You want to increase the level of quality interactions between you and your clients. MTK can help you set up and manage a social media program including blogs, communication, collaboration, product and business reviews, brand monitoring, customization and best practices.

Cultivate your brand's following.

Advertising that you can't buy is word of mouth. People go online every day to decide which brands to use, purchase and/or endorse. They listen to their friends, not advertisements. Advertising and self-promotion interrupt your clients. Social networks are not just for chatting with friends, they are your brand's best resource. You can give your clients a place to share their thoughts and concerns inevitably, they will share praise as well.

Increase word-of-mouth referrals by utilizing the largest social networking sites your clients, prospects, friends and competitors are Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. They are blogging and even microblogging, using popular tools like Twitter and Plurk. They are uploading movies to YouTube and photos to Flickr. Social news and bookmarking websites wiki, Digg, Delicious, reddit and Stumbleupon are becoming very popular.

Creating a successful social marketing campaign is more than just throwing a profile up on a website and leaving it. Social media isn’t about going in guns blazing, trying to sell your products or services. You’ll immediately turn off even your most ardent fans. Instead, it’s about engaging people, networking and building relationships. Social media has the potential of being more important to your business than search engine optimization. It certainly could be your competitive advantage in the coming years.

It’s about:

  • Meeting your Business Objectives
  • Understanding the users of the social site (they're all different)
  • Encouraging communication with members
  • Interacting with community members
  • Creating a positive community experience
  • Having it work in line with your other online marketing campaigns
Social Sites are like small communities and if you market to them incorrectly it can do more harm than good.

Seeing negative mentions of your company online?

We help you by doing search engine optimization on positive mentions, with the objective of moving negative mentions down, and eventually off of the first page search engine results pages.

We believe in creating preventative measures so that not only do negative mentions get moved off of page 1 of search engines, but also, your company is less at risk of finding itself in a similar situation in the future.

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