Custom Emails and Newsletters

    Email and Newsletter Marketing is the number one Versatile marketing tool to build better relationships with your clients.

  Custom email and newsletters is fast becoming the most powerful marketing tool available to businesses because it's easy, fast and cheap to send and the return on investment is far higher than any other medium. It's not just for big businesses either. MTK can handle everything from concept to execution. Whether it be mass mailing campaign, email campaign, commercial, print ads or online marketing.

Benefits of using email and newsletters is an effective way for you to promote your business and brand identity, keeping in touch and building relationships with your current clients and attracting new clients because it's instant, personalized, and it positions your business as the expert as well as increasing your website traffic. You can send welcome letters, company updates, introduce new products or services, upcoming events and awards, sales letters and pretty much any other type of communication at a fraction
of the cost.

Email campaigns and past newsletters can be posted on your website. With email lists you provide MTK can set up an Email Distribution - using one of many services such as iConact, Constant Contact, Vertical Response or you may use your own sending software. MTK can help you upload, test and launch your campaign. This can be done hourly or quoted on a per project basis.

Extensive reporting includes click through reporting, compare multiple campaigns, bounce reporting and opens over time at an additional cost.

Save Money!

Email marketing is cheap and effective. Save thousands of dollars on print marketing campaigns and realize the unique potential of email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the return on investment (ROI) for each dollar spent on email marketing is $57.25. This makes email marketing the highest ROI across all marketing channels. According to Jupiter Research, email marketing is expected to exceed
$1 billion by 2010.

Learn from the big boys....

How do large companies leverage the power of email marketing? Actually they have entire teams dedicated to such tasks. They realize the value of email marketing...and as long as the price for distribution is less than a mere 1 cent per email they are going to ride this wave like a California beach bum. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a 57/1 ROI?

MTK knows, it's hard to compete with the mega dollars the Fortune 1000 companies pump into their emarketing....but with a small business budget we can help you market like the big boys. How? Custom designed templates or custom email campaigns that will look as good as or better than our Fortune friends, and provide you with creative ideas for messaging, offers, landing pages, promotions, etc. No need to staff an entire creative team, MTK can handle this for you for less than the price of one single employee! Much less.

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