Pros & Cons

Organic Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay-Per-Click



  • Higher Click-thru rate: People trust "organically grown" search results more than they do sponsored ads. While sponsored ads help fund search engines, organic results tend to contain more relevant choices and thus higher click-thru rates.
  • Branding: As organic search increases in popularity, many large businesses are investing time and resources to gain top results. It can give smaller companies an impression of being larger by securing a higher ranking than their bigger counterparts.
  • Searcher Trust Means Higher Conversions: Visitors to organic search sites will have a higher sales conversion ratio than paid advertising. They do this simply because searchers trust that organic results will yield more relevant information and products. With the increased conversion ratio you are sure to see a higher ROI.
  • Organic Marketing is FREE: It is still free to submit your site to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This allows large and small companies to compete on a level playing field.


  • Rankings are not Automatic: Achieving high rankings in organic search engine optimization takes the proper technology, skill, and time. Unlike paid advertising you cannot just hand over money and immediately achieve a specific ranking. However, organic rankings will last longer especially if you have a team of professionals continually monitoring your website.
  • Requires a Time Investment: They always say "a job worth doing is worth doing well." This is the case when it comes to SEO. You can always submit your site to search engines for free, but that is only a small fraction of the steps necessary to achieve top ranking. By applying SEO best practices and creating highly relevant pages only then will you begin to see a dramatic increase in search engine ranking. 

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